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Services for Kids

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At Dentistry on Green Lane, our Thornhill dentists offer dental options for the entire family. We provide services for children to help keep their smile bright and healthy!

Dental Care for Children, Thornhill Dentist

Good oral hygiene starts early! 

At Dentistry on Green Lane we love welcoming children to our dental family. We know that family is important to you.

That's why we put the effort in to keep your child's oral health on track. 

From the very first visit, we want your child to feel comfortable. Our dedicated hygienists will take your child on a tour and show you how everything works before we start your child's appointment.

We will even teach your child how to brush away all of those "sugar bugs" and have some fun with it.

Your child's first dental appointment 

Positive dental experiences begin in childhood. Your child’s first dental visit is an exciting time in their development. We recommend that your child visits the dentist by the time turns three years of age or earlier if you have any concerns. We would be happy to take a look at your child's smile at the first signs of tooth eruption so they can get used to our office. 

Services For your Kids

  • Caries (cavities) control
  • Sports mouth guards
  • Dental hygiene & cleaning
  • Preventive dental care

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