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Meet Dr. Vlad Gaydukov

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Dr. Gaydukov is committed to keeping Thornhill healthy and smiling. He welcomes you and your family to our Practice!

Dr. Vlad Gaydukov graduated in 1994, obtaining his DDS degree from the faculty of dentistry at the State Medical Academy in Stavropol, Russia. After working for some time in the Krasnodar region; he completed a program at the Moscow University. This program provided him with advanced training in the specialty of dentistry including oral surgery. After more than 1 decade of working in Russia, Dr. Gaydukov moved to Canada, working first to obtain his certificate of general dentistry.

Dr. Vlad keeps his skills and knowledge up to date throughout his career by attending lectures, seminars, courses, individual study and other training sessions.

He enjoys the challenge of providing quality conservative dentistry in a comfortable and friendly environment.

Dr. Gaydukov loves sport . He and his wife are raising their two boys. They all enjoy travelling, hiking, small scale farming, and numerous other outdoor activities.

Dr, Gaydukov, Thornhill Dentist

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