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Dental Fillings in Thornhill

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Dentistry on Green Lane in Thornhill offers fillings for patients who need restorative services for damaged teeth.

Composite Fillings, Thornhill Dentist

Dental Fillings in Thornhill: What to Expect

When you have a cavity, or a cracked or broken tooth, your dentist use a filling to repair the damage. The dentist will first will use a local anesthetic to numb the area around your tooth before he begins to repair it.  

When the decay has been removed, your dentist will clean the area and fill the cavity with dental materials. After the filling is finished and polished, it will resemble the same appearance as your natural smile. 

What types of materials are used for fillings at Dentistry on Green Lane?

We offer both amalgam and resin fillings. Resin composite fillings are coloured to match your teeth. Both are viable options for your smile. Ask your dentist which solution will work for you.

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