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Fresh Breath Treatment in Thornhill

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Do you ever wonder whether you have bad breath? At Dentistry on Green Lane, we can offer our patients a number of solutions to freshen their breath, including OraFresh. 

Fresh Breath, Thornhill Dentist

Is bad breath causing you embarrassment? 

Do you find yourself avoiding close contact with others?  Chronic halitosis also known as bad breath is a treatable oral condition.

What is the OraFresh System? 

OraFresh uses a comprehensive testing system to determine to cause of bad breath. We can then use these test results to create an individualized treatment program for you.

The OraFresh system uses a digital gas chromatograph called OralChroma. This test measures the level of bacteria in your mouth. 

How is Bad Breath Treated?

After we have identified the cause of the bad breath, we move on to treatment. Bacteria is often present due to infection.

At Dentistry on Green Lane your dentist can help treat your bad breath by prescribing medication that targets the bacteria specific to you.

Over a two to three-week period, we'll test your bacteria levels once again to see if your bacteria levels have been reduced. 

You don't have to live with bad breath. If you are worried that your breath is keeping you from the people and things you love, ask the team at Dentistry on Greenlane if OraFresh is right for you. Request Appointment

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